Tommy the cat, Fletes y Mudanzas!

Illustrations for the collective "Birula Gráfica" in the first grand design event called "Abierto de Diseño Mexicano"

ILustración a manera de cartel para el colectivo la Birula Gráfica dentro del primer Abierto Mexicano de Diseño

Some other works...

PICNIC Ilustracional 2012
December, 2012
April, 2013
July, 2013
Hysterical Minds 13: They are among us!
September, 2013
Monsters, demons, ghosts and other bugs.. (watercolors)
May, 2011
March, 2015
Hysterical Minds 11: Empathy
November, 2012
36 days of type 2015
November, 2015
July, 2013
El Recuerdo (Memory)
November, 2016
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