Monsters, demons, ghosts and other bugs.. (watercolors)

These are some personal watercolors, from thoughts and ideas out of the people's faces or attitudes that I see on the street, or somehow always have anoyed me in a repulsive way...

Some other works...

Revista MOI 2014, Aburriendo
July, 2014
May, 2014
El Fabricante de Edades.
May, 2014
July, 2013
Portada revista Glocal, México capital del diseño 2018.
March, 2016
Nunca confies en una computadora
December, 2013
Corazón de Jade
August, 2015
Hysterical MInds 10: Simphony
November, 2012
43 portraits.
April, 2017
Retratos medalla Rosario Castllanos.
August, 2015
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