Monsters, demons, ghosts and other bugs.. (watercolors)

These are some personal watercolors, from thoughts and ideas out of the people's faces or attitudes that I see on the street, or somehow always have anoyed me in a repulsive way...

Some other works...

April, 2013
Inktober 2015
November, 2015
Hysterical MInds 9: Twisted Essence
November, 2012
Hysterical Minds 13: They are among us!
September, 2013
PICNIC Ilustracional 2012
December, 2012
July, 2013
Hysterical Minds 11: Empathy
November, 2012
36 days of type 2015
November, 2015
July, 2013
Tommy the cat, Fletes y Mudanzas!
October, 2013
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