Guerrera Urbana
Illustration for the independent personal defense project Violet Gang, for women in Mexico.
El Recuerdo (Memory)
Personal illustration to honor the memory of those who are gone.
43 portraits.
Portraits for the 43 kids gone missing in Iguala on 26 of September of 2014
Día de Padre.
Illustration for Adobe Latin America for graphic designers Father's day.
Carlos Monsiváis Portrait
Portrait for the memory of Carlos Monsiváis.
Cuentos Populares Mexicanos
Illustrations for the book, "Cuentos Populares Mexicanos" by Fabio Morábito, edited on Fondo de Cultura Económica 2014.
Portada revista Glocal, México capital del diseño 2018.
Cover illustration for special issue in Glocal Magazine.
Retratos medalla Rosario Castllanos.
Portraits for the Digital publisher INK.
100 Empresarios Revista Expansión
Cover illustration for "Expansión" Magazine 2015.
Ilustraciones Santillana enero 2015
Text book illustrations.
Cover de la Cover: Machos
Covering a past cover of MOI Magazine for the1 year special edition.
Revista MOI 2014, Aburriendo
Illustrations for the MOI Magazine, Mexico 2014
Portada Expansión Octubre 2013
Ilustración de portada e interiores para la edicion de Octubre de 2013 de Expansión con tema del nuevo capitalismo. Cover Illustration for the October2013 Edition of the Expansión magazine, for the subject: the new capitalism.
Retratos revista Metros Cúbicos
Portrais for the M3 Magazine!
Stan Lee and Jamie Fox, Aire Magazine.
Illustrations of Stan Lee and Jamie Fox for the Aire Magazine.
Expansión CEO 2014
Illustration for the Expansion CEO Magazine 2014
Retratos 100 empresarios - Expansión
Illustrations for the special "100 Empesarios" Issue from Expansión Magazine, October 2013.
Artículo de portada revista M3tros Cúbicos
Illustration for the "M3tros cúbicos" magazine for the cover article about real state investment!
Ilustraciones revista Inversionista abril 2009
Illustrations for the Inversionista magazine for the april 2009 issue, for a special article about freelancing...
Portraits of many business and historical persons published in magazines.
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