Historietas violencia adolecente Mexfam
Comic about gender violence suffered by teen women of an specific locatión in CDMX, Mexico.
Apesta a Teen Spirit
Illustration cover for the book "Apesta a Teen Spirit" by F. G. Haghenbeck.
Guerrera Urbana
Illustration for the independent personal defense project Violet Gang, for women in Mexico.
La Croqueta de Oro
Illustration for PINTACUENTOS, a showcase of contemporary illustrators for picturebooks.
El Recuerdo (Memory)
Personal illustration to honor the memory of those who are gone.
43 portraits.
Portraits for the 43 kids gone missing in Iguala on 26 of September of 2014
Día de Padre.
Illustration for Adobe Latin America for graphic designers Father's day.
Carlos Monsiváis Portrait
Portrait for the memory of Carlos Monsiváis.
Cuentos Populares Mexicanos
Illustrations for the book, "Cuentos Populares Mexicanos" by Fabio Morábito, edited on Fondo de Cultura Económica 2014.
La cigarra y la hormiga.
Picture book illustrations of the classic fable by Aesop " The ant and the cicade", rewritten by Carla Faesler for the DGP/CONACULTA 2015.
Omaggio, Hysterical minds marzo 2016
Mis piezas para el nuevo Pack del colectivo de artistas Hysterical Minds llamado Omaggio.
36 Days of Type 2016
My letters interpreted as Fantastic beasts for the 36 Days Of Type in 2016.
36 days of type 2015
Excercise for the 36 days of type iniciative.
Inktober 2015
My inktober watercolors of this year.
Illustrations for the book "Sombras" short stories Anthology by Carlos Sánchez-Anaya, published by Castillo, Mexico 2015.
100 Empresarios Revista Expansión
Cover illustration for "Expansión" Magazine 2015.
Corazón de Jade
Illustrations for the book "Corazón de Jade" written by Sofía Clevit, published by Pearson México 2015
My personal illustrations for the Pack "ARKHAIA" made by a talented number of fantasy illustrators part of the collective Hysterical Minds. Visit: www.hystericalminds.com
Retratos revista Plusvalia.
Illustrations for "Plusvalia Magazine" 2015.
Cover de la Cover: Machos
Covering a past cover of MOI Magazine for the1 year special edition.
Página de novela gráfica
I'm formely in the process of making a csi-fi Graphic Novel with the support of the "Jóvenes creadores" program by FONCA. This is one the pages from the novel made in pencil, watercolour and some digital artwork, thanks for the visit!
Illustration for the book "Incantation" (Encantamiento) by Alice Hoffman, Ediciones Castillo 2010.
Illustration for the book "Stolen"(Robada) by Lucy Christopher, Editorial Castillo 2011
Nunca confies en una computadora
Illustrations for the book " Never trust in a Computer" written by Verónica Sukaczer, on Alfaguara infantil 2014.
Expansión CEO 2014
Illustration for the Expansion CEO Magazine 2014
Retratos 100 empresarios - Expansión
Illustrations for the special "100 Empesarios" Issue from Expansión Magazine, October 2013.
Small Graphic novel about Trini, published by Ediciones Castillo 2013.
Nina Complot
El fin del mundo no será desencadenado por una bomba nuclear, ni por el choque de un asteroide gigante contra el planeta, sino por una confabulación mundial de máquinas siniestras, encabezada por una banda de misteriosos pajarracos. Por fortuna, para arruinar cualquiera de sus complots, basta con una criatura humana que esté alerta... "Grade 3–5—Inept adults populate the planet and chaos and anarchy seem to reign. Who will save humanity from the mindlessness and foolishness? Into this environment is born a girl who will unveil conspiracies against humanity. A gang of flea-covered evil birds conspires to use human appliances in order to take over the world. Adults are unaware of this plot, and only a cereal-eating, punk girl notices the birds hovering around. Does she care enough to save the adults from their ignorance? Will the birds manage to silence and dupe her as they have the adults? This book aids children in crossing over from picture books to graphic novels. Graphic images play a primary role in leading readers to the heart of the message. The text takes a backseat to stark images such as the expressions of the humans and the grotesqueness of the birds. The use of color is simple enough, allowing the illustrator to play with shadows as well as create patterns and textures. The book encourages children to speak up, even when adults are not noticing what is happening around them or the harm they are causing."—Veronica Corral, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, VA
Hysterical Minds: SUBSTANTIA 1
Personal Watercolor!
Cuando las panteras no eran negras
Illustrations for the book "When Panthers weren't black" written by Fabio Morabito, on Fondo de Cultura Económica, México.
El dia que prohibieron la Escuela!
Illustrations for the book "The day that the school was forbidden" by David Martín del Campo.
Ilustraciones ganadoras del tercerlugar en el Catálogo de Publicaciones Infantiles y Juveniles 2009 del CONACULTA!
Ilustraciones alrededor de una historia entre una niña y un monstruo peludo!
Hysterical MInds 10: Simphony
Illustration for the 10 pack of the art collective Hysterical MInds, called "Simphony"!
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